Everybody is different

There are people who prefer when a woman doesn’t actually enjoy the punishment but just suffers it for the money and horrified by the thought of the next punishment. There are people who take pleasure in seeing a masochist under Lomp’s whip. Roxy belongs to the latter. She was pretty excited before the shooting. On one hand, she was afraid of Lomp because she’s seen his previous movies, on the other hand, she was looking forward to the Experience.

2 Replies to “Everybody is different”

  1. Congratulations for discovering Roxy’s masochistic tendencies. It is surprising to see how this woman is capable of becoming sexually aroused and of enjoying the intense pain produced by the brutal lashes and blows she is receiving without rejecting the punishment.
    Since the unforgettable Suzie Muller disappeared, we have not seen women able to enjoy the pain of lashes and blows.
    I hope that Roxy returns as soon as possible because she is an exceptional woman!

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