Born of a new star, if she can handle it …

A brand new model on Graias! What’s more, a gorgeous one! We have already seen her perfectly natural boobs, rock-hard bottom, blue eyes and natural fair hair in Fatima’s casting. Now we can witness how she can bear real harsh cane strokes in the film making up Lomp’s stupid idea. Such really harsh strokes can hardly be seen on BDSM sites.

2 Replies to “Born of a new star, if she can handle it …”

  1. Fatima is amazing! Please cast her again! But no more Julsci. She is not attractive and has been in too many videos. I can’t stand her! Thanks.

    1. Certainly Fatima is a super attractive girl and she should return to star in more movies. But I do not agree with you in your opinion about Julcsi. I think that Julcsi is a very attractive milf (irreplaceable!), And that she does an excellent job when she develops the sadistic and ruthless executioner role (in those roles she is fantastic! And she must continue like this). But I do not like Julcsi at all when she cries and pities her victims or when she cries because she can not stand the pain of taking the role of a slave.

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